BangWee is a team that focusing on manufacturing high quality board game, the quality control is built-in throughout the BangWee process. Here are some feedbacks from our clients about their experience of working with BangWee.

Helaina from Canada

Thanks for the feedback from Helaina (the owner of KTBG)! BangWee have manufactured lots of games for KTBG, such as Creature Comforts, Power Plants, Wreck Raiders, Endeavor of Sail, In Too Deep, etc, look forward to working together with KTBG for more and more great games!

Gwen Ruelle from US

It's pleasure to work with Runaway Parade Games, the publisher from US. As Gwen mentioned, BangWee Games is always helpful because of great communication and high quality. Look forward to working together for more and more games in the future!

David from Singapore

Hyperlixir is an independent, enthusiasm-driven game developer & publisher from Singapore, the design of Hyperlixir's game is amazing. Look forward more and more excellent games in the future.

Michael Stutz from US

Thanks for the feedback from Michael, can't wait to work on expansion of Gambit of Kings!

Marty-the creator of Hasty Baker

Hasty Baker is created by Gochukle, who want to provide families with fun and engaging games that get them off their phones, televisions and gaming stations and having fun together with family and friends.

Richard from Canada

Thanks for praise from Richard (the owner of Analog Game Studios), BangWee team will insist on providing great communication and high quality products.

Doug Woolsey-Sand Hat Games

Bing Wu at BangWee brought a commitment to service and quality that narrowed the distance between our studio in the United States and their operations in China. Always attentive and committed to quality, Bing was a joy to work with throughout the pre-production and production of Vye. The final product was superbly produced and packaged -- I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the printing and the materials used. I will certainly use BangWee again​​​​​​​
Elizabeth Chaipraditkul-Angry Hamster Publishing
It was a real joy to work with BangWee Games. They were always professional and on time, which means a lot when you are working with tight deadlines. It was most pleased with how far they went to help in our project, bringing their expertise and advice to our game production. Also, I can't say enough for the quality of the books they produced for us-they look amazing! I am very happy with their service and will be using them again in the future.
Artem Safarov-Altema Games

Based on my experience with Cauldron – BangWee Industry Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer of board games. Their responses are lightning-fast, their customer service is exceptional, the quality of their work is top-notch and their prices are fair and affordable. I am sincerely grateful to them for the outstanding work they’ve done to make Cauldron such a great looking game. Without a single doubt they will be my manufacturer of choice for my next project. I can only offer a full endorsement of their services and recommend them to anyone looking to manufacture a high-quality board game.

Helaina Cappel-Kids Table Board Gaming​​​​​​​
From the initial quote, to the sample, to the final production and shipping of Foodfighters, I have been nothing but impressed. Bing provides excellent customer care, answering emails even when it is the middle of the night for him, and working out any kink that arises. In the end, I knew that I made the right choice when I saw the game for the very first time. I have had nothing but compliments on the incredible component quality of every part of Foodfighters. I wouldn't hesitate to use Bang Wee for my future projects.
Kedric Winks-Fancy Squid Games
Working with BangWee has been nothing but a professional experience. Communication was great, the quality was good and the timelines were reasonable. I will be using BangWee again in the future and am happy to recommend then personally.
Gwen Ruelle-Runaway Parade Games, LLC

​​​​​​​What we do hear often is how impressed our customers are with the quality of the game, from the box to the cards to the custom wooden meeples and fire gems. We are so thankful to Bing for all his help throughout this process and for delivering a beautiful, affordable product. We look forward to working with Bing Wu and BangWee Industry Ltd for many years to come.

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